Thanks to 25,000 fans and with a few days left in its crowdfunding campaign, Lab Zero Games has successfully raised $1,500,000 and funded its beautiful 2D action/RPG, Indivisible.

With the core game funded, the crowdfunding campaign moves into the stretch goal phase. The first stretch goal is an expanded soundtrack with twice as much music from legendary game music composer Hiroki Kikuta at $1,650,000, and the second is an animated introduction storyboarded by Los Angeles-based Titmouse, Inc. and animated by an as-yet-unannounced Japanese anime studio.

Additionally, Indiegogo’s “InDemand” feature allows crowdfunders to keep their campaign open as long as they’d like. This allows campaigners to attract funding from slacker backers without needing to build their own contribution site. With the aim of reaching some of their stretch goals, Lab Zero will offer a subset of the existing contribution perks through InDemand for some period of time.


Described by press as “beautiful,” “a gorgeous hand-drawn role-playing game” and an “amazing action RPG,” Indivisible takes a fresh spin on action/RPG gameplay, featuring a deep storyline inspired by Southeast Asian and other world mythologies, and what may be the most diverse cast ever seen in a video game.

In addition to the large and diverse cast of core characters, Indivisible will also feature nine playable characters taken from other popular indie games, including Annie from Skullgirls, Calibretto from Battle Chasers, The Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter, Juan from Guacamelee!, Lea from Curses N’ Chaos, Red from Transistor, Shantae from Shantae, Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight, and Zackasaurus from Super Time Force.

The Indivisible playable prototype is free and is available for download via PSN, Steam, and for direct download on Windows / Mac / Linux PCs at

To contribute to the crowdfunding efforts, please head to Lab Zero’s Indiegogo page.