Has Ubisoft seen the light?

According to Autoomobile, a developer working on the next entry in the (usual) yearly franchise since 2009, indicated that there won’t be an AC game in 2016 and the next entry will release in 2017 and be set in Egypt. The developer also stressed that we shouldn’t expect anything during E3 2016.


Here’s the developer’s statement:

Egypt. There won’t be an AC in 2016. You may screencap this and refer to it when nothing is shown in E3 2016. You’ll have to wait until 2017 for it. The reason: It will be a complete revamp of the series. The game is going for a Witcher feel, with player progression, freeform combat system. Horse is back, and boats too. It s made by the Black Flag team. You may leave any question you want answered.

Please note, take this rumor as a grain of salt. 4chan is known to leak a bunch of rumors which often seem to turn out false.

Thanks to Autoomobile.