Insomnia56 (held in December 2015) had a 68% increase in attendees from 2014. Of the 27,000 that turned up, 56% were actually first-time goers. To cater for the massive influx of gamers, the venue increased to over 25,000 SQM – that’s a 140% elevation from 2014’s 10,000 SQM. Visitors were not quiet about their attendance either, as there were 15 million impressions made on various social media platforms.

For those who were unable to attend the event in person, there were live streams available to watch on Twitch. In total, there were 770,00 unique viewers, who watched more than 46 million minutes of streamed competitions. The event was the location for the Truesilver Championship – the first major Hearthstone tournament for Insomnia, with a $30,000 prize pool up for grabs. If Hearthstone wasn’t your game of choice, there were various other Esports to play with a combined prize pool of £50,000.


Craig Fletcher of Multiplay (the organisers of Insomnia) said “2015 was a huge year, with more people attending our events than ever before. Having hosted our first major Hearthstone Esports tournament, the biggest YouTube personalities and showcasing some of the best games around to play at Insomnia – we’re already looking forward to bringing more exciting content in 2016.” If you want to attend Insomnia57 (running  March 25-28 at The NEC, Birmingham) tickets can be purchased from the official website or from your local GAME store.