Indie developer Happy Tuesday has released its unique Tower-Defense Action-RPG mix, Hero Defense: Haunted Island to Steam’s Early Access program for PC gamers to enjoy worldwide.

This new game puts players in control of a team of five monster slayers battling their way through challenging arenas to defeat the evil Count Necrosis. They impale, slash, tear and burn through legions of the undead, hell-bent on world domination. Players will also face off against countless bosses with unique abilities. By defeating the evil, players free and help villagers, meet new allies while enjoying a rich, yet satiric, story.

Hero Defense: Haunted Island mixes Tower-Defense, MOBA and RPG elements to challenge gamers with a whole new challenge. A deep RPG layer allows customization of each hero and features upgradeable weapons as well as character skill trees. Players loot, collect and merge runes to access new skills. Procedurally generated enemies and daily challenges guarantee a gigantic replay value.


Shortly available after the release on Early Access, multiplayer mode lets players take part in ranked and unranked matches, using clever strategies or brute force to succeed and earn epic runes.

Happy Tuesday’s intends on working closely with the community to improve the game based on players’ feedback, and overall raise the quality bar for all future tower defense games. Despite having a meaty story, even with the Early Access version, main development focus will be the multiplayer.