With XCOM 2 now in the hands of PC, Mac and Linux players, 2K has released a few helpful How To videos in order to help gamers get off on the right foot in the fight against alien forces.

The first How 2 features presenter and legendary newscaster Fred Dinenage discloses vital information on the new recruits. Discover how your soldiers have adapted and retrained to be lead in the battle for Earth’s survival.

How to Command a New Breed of Soldier:


The second How To video showcases a brand new mobile operations base in the form of a reclaimed alien ship: The Avenger. In order to succeed in your mission, you will need to take charge of this vessel and maximize the resources she holds within.

Veteran broadcaster and How 2 presenter, Fred Dinenage (MBE) is take to explain the vessel’s capabilities and assets in a new briefing.

Lead the Avenger:

In this new How To video, Dinenage details how to use concealment and Overwatch to get the drop on your adversaries.

Strike from the Shadows