Rising Waters is the title of the new update for Blade & Soul. A Heroic dungeon named Bloodshade Harbor for 4 or 6 players and Nightshade Harbor for 24 players will be introduced, allowing players to fight the Blackram pirates and Admiral Hae Mujin – Poharan’s boss. For those who wish to have a new single player adventure, the Heroic dungeon of Mushin’s Tower will provide 7 floors of challenges. To finish off the update, five new Hongmoon Levels have been added to allow players to progress above level 45 and gain more skill points.


Rising Waters also heralds the PvP preseason, which also has an update. The new UI is designed to help players with their skills and ability to earn Zen Beans through PvP combat.

NCSOFT are proud to announce that since the official US and Europe launch for Blade & Soul, more than 2 million players have joined.