Yasuyuki Oda took to Sony’s blog to reveal a handful of new characters along with two new stages for the PS4 exclusive King of Fighters XIV.

Oda, whom serves as the game’s producer, revealed new and returning faces which will be part of the game’s hefty 50 character roster.

First, there’s the King of Dinosaur. He (or it) wears a tyrannosaurus mask and is portrayed as a luchador wrestler:


Next we have Maxima. The half man, half robot returns to beat up the competition:


Third, the hungry wolf, Terry Bogard, makes his highly anticipated return:


And finally, Ikari Warrior Clark Still returns:


Additionally, two new gorgeous stages have been unveiled:



King of Fighters XIV still doesn’t have a concrete release date, although it’s currently planned for a 2016 release. Maybe SNK will reveal the release date, or release timetable, at E3 in a few months.

For the official word straight out of the developer’s mouth, well fingers, head over to Sony’s Blog.