NCSoft has today announced the second content update for Blade & Soul, titled Unchained and is set to arrive on 2nd March in Europe and North America, less than a month after the game’s first update, Rising Waters.

Unchained introduces the Warlock class to the Jin and Lyn races and two new content elements for all players: the Naryu Labyrinth dungeon and Floor 8 of Mushin’s Tower challenge. Naryu Labyrinth is a Heroic dungeon available in both 6-and-4-player versions, and offers players an opportunity to challenge their combat skills in a dynamic 3-stage encounter. Floor 8 of Mushin’s Tower is a new single-player Heroic encounter that puts skills to the ultimate test as players take on an ethereal manifestation of Mushin himself.

In addition, there will be new features, class balance changes and updates to the overall game experience for fans to look forward to in the coming weeks.