Jagex, the makers of RuneScape, are having an open beta for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. The closed beta for the strategy card game saw 700,000 games played with 185,000 customised decks, amounting to 7.5 million minutes of play time.


The open beta will host new and improved gameplay features:

  • More Legends – More than 30 new cards and two new playable Legends
  • Dungeoneering – After creating a drafted deck, players will fight through increasingly difficult PvP battles
  • Skilling – Much like in the RuneScape game, every action results in experience points towards a skill, and the mechanic continues into Chronicles: RuneScape Legends
  • Legend Customisation – Special skins can be unlocked to customise each Legend
  • Leaderboards – See who is the best of the best!
  • New Environments – Two new locations: The Wilderness Crater and Barrows.


“Our community has been vocal in praising Chronicle’s evolutionary gameplay mechanics – it’s the only CCG that offers a huge sense of adventure as each game plays out.” Says Mark Killey, Senior Producer for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, “By playing four cards at once, the rules are very different, which means so are the strategies, deck management, and the play-by-play game experience.”

The Open Beta will be playable on PC, March 23 this year, so start studying your tactics now!