Developer Enigami has released a new gameplay trailer giving players a chance to take a peak at Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom’s combat, environments, and exploration in Mahera.

The game tells the story of Chado and his companions as they travel through the celestial islands on their flying ship. After a crash-landing on one of the most hostile islands, Chado and his friends find themselves in the middle of a conflict involving multiple kingdoms. Thanks to Chado’s ability to communicate with the Shiness, a magical spirit, he might be able to resolved said conflict.

As Chado you’ll enter into battles seamlessly, earning experience points and learning new powers as you progress. To overcome dangers and bosses throughout the land, the game utilizes traditional fighting game mechanics with an RPG flair. Fights in Shiness combine attacking, parrying, dodging and combos like in traditional fighter games with a clever use of elemental magic. As players progress in the world of Mahera, they’ll find parchments which will unlock new skills for Chado to use.

You’ll be able to play with five different, original characters who each have their own unique skills and abilities, both for fighting and puzzle solving, all with RPG progression.

Shiness is scheduled for a 2016 release with platforms to be announced.