Bandai Namco has revealed a few additional details about the latest game in the long running Tales Of franchise.

Tales Of Berseria tells the story of heroine Velvet set in a world where reason faces emotion. Velvet will come across at least two new characters: Rokurou, a daemon swordsman who wields dual blades and Eleanor, a lady exorcist in constant conflict with the game’s protagonist.

As indicated above, the game will feature exorcists who are holy warriors who can fight against daemons thanks to Malaks’ power, and an organization that aims to maintain the world’s order called the Abbey.


The battle system has undergone significant new changes. The Liberation-LMBS (Linear Motion Battle System) keeps evolving by pursuing greater flexibility of control and greater freedom of Artes Combos. Finally, a new system called SG (Soul Gauge) comes in and implements the concept of stealing souls from enemies.

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