Publisher 505 Games has teamed up with developer Psyonix to bring the successful digital title Rocket League to retail under the moniker Rocket League Collector’s Edition. It is currently schedule to release sometime during Q3 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

The retail version will include all three major DLC Packs to date along with several retail-exclusive bonuses that have yet to be announced.


Ian Howe, President of 505 Games said “We are honoured and excited to help Psyonix bring Rocket League: Collector’s Edition to a whole new audience. As big as Rocket League has become, both 505 Games and Psyonix believe that there is still a significant untapped segment of the gaming audience who become aware of products through physical retail.

Dave Hagewood, CEO and Studio Director of Psyonix added “505 Games are a proven entity in taking digital brands like Terraria and Payday, and breaking them out through their long-established retail partnerships and on-the-ground expertise to a whole new consumer-base worldwide.