If you have been playing a lot of XCOM 2 and feel that there are not quite enough options for your characters when it comes to customization, the folks at 2K Games are readying the new Anarchy’s Children customization pack on March 17th, 2016, giving players the opportunity to strike fear (or laughter) into the ADVENT enemy forces with hundreds of new customization options.

The $4.99/4.99 Euro Anarchy’s Children pack will give XCOM 2 players over 100 new customization options for hair, facepaint, weapon skins, decals, lower face options, helmets and more. As you can see in the pictures below, the options range from imposing helmets to downright scary clown faces. Why are clown faces always so scary? If you happen to have purchased the Reinforcement Pack (aka the Season Pass), you will automatically gain access to the Anarchy’s Children customization options at release.