Starting today via Steam, PC Players can jump into the famed WWE ring as WWE 2K16 has been released by 2K Sports for your personal computer system. The PC version of WWE 2K16 is considered the most complete version of WWE 2K16 released up to this point, as it includes the base game, the Terminator DLC pack, Future Stars pack, several new showcase events, new moves pack, the Legends pack and a MyCareer accelerator and boost pack to kickstart your humble beginnings as a wrestler.

You will need a modest PC to run WWE 2K16 at its best detail levels, but for the $49.99 entry price, you are getting everything that has been released for the game on the consoles up to this point for one price. That said, you might want to check out our review for WWE 2K16 on the consoles before you make an investment on the PC side of things.

Check out the new trailer below showing off the included items in the PC version along with how it looks and runs as well. WWE 2K16 is developed by Yukes and Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.