The Land of Eyas has been announced by Rising Star Games, as they partner with Happy Square Productions to publish the gravity-based platformer.


Eyas, a young boy, has to make his way home while navigating the enchanted landscape through the use of gravitational forces and clever movement of objects. Players will be able to manipulate the two forces of gravity in the game and “sling-shot” themselves around the levels.


The founder of Happy Square Productions, Stephen Hoskins, says “The fine folks at Rising Star Games are stellar promo experts that give indie game titles the star power and attention that they deserve,” he continues,“They disconnect the extremely arduous and time consuming tasks of promoting games from developers, delivering well-coordinated strategies designed to showcase the joyful greatness of indie games. The gamer community is in for a jolt of indie gaming goodness thanks to Rising Star Games.”

The Land of Eyas is due to be released this summer, via Steam and select digital retailers.