Nintendo released a new software update for Super Mario Maker which adds additional items, modes, and features to the critically-acclaimed game, making it even more fun to create, share, and play levels from all around the world.

First off there’s the Key item from the classic Super NES game: Super Mario World. When grabbed, it unlocks the new Key Door item, granting access to new parts of the level. The Key can also be attached to enemies which are required to be defeated to recuperate the key. This allows players to create mandatory boss battles. Another Super Mario World item has been resurrected for this update: the Spike Pillar obstacle. The new pillar can be obtained by shaking a Thwomp.

Pink coins, obtained by shaking a regular coins, will make a Key appear once players have collected the Pink coins in the course.


Those looking for a serious challenge can now tackle the new Super Expert difficulty will be added to the 100 Mario Challenge. This new difficulty pulls random courses that have been categorized as being Super Expert by their makers. By completing 100 Mario Challenge on this difficulty, five new Mystery Mushroom costumes can be won, as well as three new costume rewards from completing the mode on Normal, and four for finishing it on Expert.

The finally the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website has also been updated to allow users to sort and search for levels using a smart device or browser and will now display Super Mario Maker World Record players.

Super Mario Maker has a staggering 6.2 million different user-created playable courses, which in turn have been played more than 400 million times as of 27th January.