Monster Hunter Generations has announced a new “Prowler” mode, where players get to play as a Felyne – previously only available as companions.


The Prowler mode allows players to explore all Hunter quests as the adorable characters, as well as special quests only available to Felynes. Bug-catching, fish-reeling, and ore-mining have been simplified in Prowler mode, meaning it is a great way to ease new players into the experience, as well as having more materials available for forging and upgrading of armor and weapons.


Furthermore, Prowlers don’t actually need as many items as Hunters, can eat an acorn to replenish health (no more potions) and don’t have a stamina limit, meaning they don’t have to stop the hunt! Prowlers can also have two Palicoes as companions, with the ability to craft special equipment for them.

Monster Hunter Generations will be out this summer for Nintendo 3DS.