Epic Games have unleashed their latest addition to the Paragon roster, and they come in the form of the flame-wielding Iggy & Scorch duo.


The terrible two are of the caster class, with an affinity to Fury and Corruption. They’re best used as a ranged area control choice, and their primary scaling is energy damage. Their abilities are:

  • Ignite (Passive) – Enemies are doused in Oil and when they come into contact with fire, the Oil is consumed for 1 stack of Burn
  • Molotov (Ability) – A flaming molotov is thrown and leaves behind a pool of fire for a short while
  • Oil Slick (Ability) – Scorch (the four legged one) gains a speed boost and leaves a trail of Oil behind him, which is applied to enemies that step in it
  • Flame Turret (Ability) – This limited-fuel attack sprays out fire in an auto-attack, focusing on Heroes, and then explodes when the fuel is depleted
  • Oil Spill (Ability) – This gross attack is an oil-phlegm ball that leaves behind a slick of Oil that can spread to enemies and be ignited
  • Flame Belch (Ultimate) – Scorch will spit a torrent of flames that end in an explosion, causing damage and knock-back. Re-triggering this ability will cause the explosion to happen earlier.

Iggy & Scorch are available now for Paid Early Access members and you can see them in action here.