During the final PAX East panel session, Harmonix announced that synchronous online multiplayer is coming to Rock Band 4 by the end of this year as part of an upcoming expansion pack.

As part of a continuing conversation with the Rock Band community, Harmonix consulted with some of their biggest Rock Band fans to ensure synchronous online multiplayer will be easy to use and will appeal to hard core Rock Band players.


Along with the synchronous online multiplayer update, another community-requested feature will be added to Rock Band 4. A new game adapter will be released in order to add support for the ION Drum Set on Xbox One.

Adds Steve Janiak, CEO of Harmonix: “Rock Band 4 is the foundational platform for an ever-expanding universe of music gaming content, and innovative features. We’ll reveal more details at E3 in June about additional functionality in the Rock Band expansion pack coming this fall.