Creative Assembly revealed that both the Assembly Kit and Steam Workshop support will be added to Total War: Warhammer for launch. The development team will be assisting some modders in readying their mods to release day and date with the game itself.

From Day 1, players will be able to:

  • Visit Steam Workshop and upload, browse, follow, discuss and install available mods straight from Steam, and access and manage them from the new Total War Mod Manager.
  • Use Creative Assembly’s modding tool box, Assembly Kit, previously released for S, will release with the Database Editor and BOB for modifying and exporting database tables and campaign start positions, with the aim to add further functionality, including battle map editing, later in the year.
  • Download Mods from attendees of Creative Assembly’s Mod Summits. Participants from the last three years will be supplied early access to the game, to help populate the Steam Workshop from day one. Well-known modders Magnar and Dresden will receive specific help from the dev team to produce certain mods.


Additionally, the DotA2 Team at Valve revealed last week that they will be accepting submissions for a new Warhammer-themed treasure to mark the release of the game.

Total War: Warhammer will be available on May 24.