Ubisoft have released the sixth game in their ‘Hungry Shark’ franchise, and this time, players will take their hunger around the world!


Hungry Shark World will see settings from all over the globe, such as the Pacific Islands, the Arctic Ocean, and the Arabian Sea, each with their own unique prey and enemies to devour and evade. The variety doesn’t end there, however. There are 17 different species of shark to unlock and upgrade, each of which feels unique with their own characteristics and personality traits. Sharks can be upgraded through gameplay progress, and each rank unlocks special attacks and abilities that help players eat more fish!


Building on the success and feedback from the previous games in the franchise, Hungry Shark World introduces new and improved mechanics. Mega Rush is an evolved version of Gold Rush, to give players a better score. Super Shoals help your shark to eat over 100 fish in one go. HUNGRY letters make your shark grown when collected, and the leaderboards encourage players to become the best shark in the oceans!

Hungry Shark World has been created in Unity to ensure a rich environment and comfortable gameplay, and players can get the game on various iOS and Android devices. Grab your copy from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Store now!