Currently in closed beta, Riders of Icarus released a new gameplay trailer to tease the taste buds even more. In this trailer, we can see glimpses of some flying mount combat and some of the shiny new mounts to ride into battle with.


The game is ultimately free to play, however, there is the option to purchase one of three Founder’s Packs that give players a seven-day head-start before the open beta, as well as other in-game items:

  • The Elite Riders’ Pack gives players early access, a special title, an exclusive mount, and more for $24.99
  • The Heroic Rider’s Pack gives players the contents of the Elite Riders’ Pack, an additional exclusive mount, 30 days Premium Service, and more for $42.99
  • And the Legendary Riders’ Pack bestows upon players most contents from the Heroic Riders’ Pack, two more exclusive mounts, 24 inventory slots, 30 more additional days of Premium Service, and more for $89.99

Riders of Icarus is planned to enter open beta on July 6 and is accessed through the Nexon launcher and Steam for Windows. Those interested can read more here and purchase the Founder’s Packs here.