Unlucky for some, and especially for this guy, the first Elusive Target for the Hitman Series has been released today, Friday 13 May, 2016.

Elusive Targets are a new content mode made available for players for a short amount of time, and are made active in between episodes. They’re specially crafted, unique targets, and have their own set of rules:

  • Are exclusive and only around for a short amount of time – the first will be a mere 48 hours.
  • Intel on the target will be limited.
  • Won’t appear in Instinct Mode or the mini map, and you won’t be told their locations – you have to find them yourself.
  • Your target can only die once.
  • If the player dies, that means game over. No second chances.
  • When times runs out, they’re gone for good.

We’re being kind and giving you a heads up – this time. For the next target, you may not have as much warning, so keep an eye on the forums or follow Hitman on social media to find your next target. Bonne chance!