Styx: Master of Shadows was a really quite good third-person action stealth game which released in 2014. Now there’s a sequel coming out called Shards of Darkness. You still play as Styx, the ancient, magic goblin anti-hero, and new images pertaining to the upcoming game have been released.

Look at them!

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If you have looked at them, you might be able to guess that this installment will see Styx travel to the dwarven city of Wildoran. The dwarves are tough, according to the press release, and their “heavy armour” and “impenetrable defense” mean that Styx will have to “innovate and adapt to disable or avoid them”. So, presumably, expect a little more stealth than action.

Styx will visit the underground city of Korrangar as well. A place populated by Dark Elves. What are Dark Elves like in this universe, though? Well:

Dark Elves were previously Elves who had to live without any amber for multiple generations. Slowly, they have been turning into fanatic and bloodthirsty creatures. They became masters in Quartz fabrication, a new, much more dangerous, source of power.

… Sounds suitably ominous.

Cyanide Studios promise that this sequel should be bigger and better than the original. Well, more specifically, they say it has a bigger budget and bigger ideas. Additionally, they’ve upgraded the engine to Unreal 4.

Styx: Shards of Darkness is expected to release this year on PC, PS 4 and Xbox One. The game will also be showing at E3 from June 14- 16.