Having problems playing Total War: Warhammer? Creative Assembly is aware of the issue. Seeing as there were 40k+ people playing the game in the first hour, there were a few hundred players having trouble getting in.

In 90% of cases, restarting the game with Steam set to Offline mode will solve the problem. The remaining issues appear to be solved by graphics driver updates and verifying your Steam cache (right click on the game from the Library > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game cache…).

The developer also released a Hotfix now available to download. They recommend saving the game, quit to desktop, and restart Steam to start the hotfix download. If it doesn’t work automatically, players can force the download by right-clicking Total War: Warhammer in your Steam Library, and click properties->Local Files->Verify integrity of game cache.

Players who have downloaded a Hotfix and want to play multiplayer, spotting any games listed in red are being hosted by people who don’t yet have the hotfix, and will be unable to join them. Look for listings with black text.

Players can report any issues on the Total War forums.