Xbox One Fallout 4 players will be able to add mods to their game next Tuesday, May 31. Bethesda also say that mods will be accessible to PS4 players too at a later date, sometime in June.

During a livestream, the company made some clarifications regarding the mods:

  • The limit to the size of a mod you can download on Xbox One is 2 GB.
  • Xbox One users will be able to download and favourite mods directly from the in-game menu. They can also be downloaded from the Bethesda website and then added into the game library.
  • Once mods have been installed, the game will need to be rebooted. You will also need to reboot if you want to deactivate mods.
  • A copy of your save will be made if you choose to implement a mod. This means you can backtrack and reload if one messes terribly with your save file.
  • If you play a modded version of Fallout 4, achievements will be disabled.

You can catch a recording of the livestream, which showcased mods running on the Xbox One, here: