XCOM 2, the turn-based strategy game from Firaxis, will be coming out on PS 4 and Xbox One this year- September 9 globally and September 6 in North America.

Developer The Workshop is currently handling the porting to console systems.

Prior to the game’s release, XCOM 2’s Creative Director, Jake Solomon, told IGN that their “ambitious goals” prevented them from focusing on making a console version of the game. “We had to use all of our studio expertise… and our expertise here is PC”.

Now he has this to say:

“The incredible reception of XCOM 2 has been rewarding and humbling for the team, and we’ve known console fans have been clamoring to play the game too… As avid console players ourselves, we’re excited to work with The Workshop to bring XCOM 2 to all of our fans”.

Here’s a special console announcement trailer to mark the occasion: