2K and Firaxis Games released a new trailer on how Unstacking Cities will impact gameplay in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

While Civilization V let players queue up a build order, construct your buildings and they all live as one enormous stack within the city screen, Civilization VI allows players to unstack the cities, removing all of that clutter within the city screen.

Players need to weigh build order in Civ VI and consider district adjacency bonuses and what terrains around their city center are compatible with certain Wonders. There isn’t one template for success and players need to react to the environment around them meaning no two games will play the same.


Combat is also affected by the Unstacking Cities mechanic. As cities spread across more territory and become more exposed, adept warmongers may target specific tiles to cripple a city’s infrastructure before going after the city center. Additionally, passive players who would choose to fortify cities in the past must now consider their city’s full perimeter when deciding to pursue this same tactic.

From a visual standpoint, Unstacking Cities presents great aesthetical changes as cities now look more diverse and reflect their growth in more distinct ways.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI will launch on Oct 21st exclusively for Windows PC.