It seems the race is on to bring some order to the big wide world of eSports. South Korea has of course been leading this scene for years with KeSPA (Korean eSports Association) to regulate and guide the sector through its operation and management. We’ve received word also that the UK is aiming to form its own body to keep tabs on eSports here on Her Majesty’s lands.


    The British eSports Association aims to be the central body alongside other sporting organisations. Think along the lines of British Cycling and you’re on the right track.

    This newly founded body will be based in Pinewood Studios (a key filming spot for Star Wars). Over time, it aims to “help and represent players at all levels; develop a grassroots competitive video game scene that will nurture future talent; support existing professionals and provide the infrastructure to create future British global champions.”

    Translation? If/when eSports grows into regulated international competition, then British eSports hopes to raise up the nation’s best to the international playing field. If ever we see a video game becoming an Olympic Sport, then you bet that these guys will be right on top of that from the UK’s point of view.

    It’s all early days for now, with so far only some initial thoughts being collected on how the association can best help the eSports scene. Whatever your level of interest in the eSports scene; be it as a player, fan, journalist or active employee, all feedback is being actively sought for.

    If you want to contribute, fire off an email to