Cyanide Studio has revealed a new batch of DLC is coming to Blood Bowl 2 later this month for Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Undead DLC brings a new team of freaks to the field.

The Undead team, raised by the Liche-lords of the Old World, have the unique Regenerate skill which makes them incredibly difficult to kill. They have incredibly agile players, the Ghouls and the Wights, but they are often too fast for their shambling, but fearsome, Mummy teammates to keep up.

Additionally, a few Star Players are joining the Undead: Ramtut III is a mighty and powerful mummy who has spent countless years on the pitch. Morg n’ Thorg, someone who has faced Ramtut on the pitch and lived, happens to be his sworn nemesis. Count Luthor Von Drakenborg the vampire carries impressive stats and the Hypnotic Gaze ability, and is one of our most fearsome Star Players yet!

PC/Mac players of Blood Bowl 2 can still benefit from the FOUNDERS INCENTIVE: Players will receive the Undead, as well as the Necromantic and the Nurgle teams for free, as long as they purchased the game before the races release.

Last but not least, all the PC/Mac owners of Blood Bowl 2 will have access to a Beta this week featuring the upcoming Undead team and several updates and improvements.

Cyanide Studio will also release two more teams later this year: