Dayjob Studios have announced an eight issue comic book series based on hit video game Hotline Miami, with the blessings of Dennaton Games.


The first issue is out now, with the remaining seven available monthly for $1.99, downloadable from Humble Widget. Hotline Miami: Wildlife is an original spin off set inside the game’s universe, from the POV of new character Chris, and his struggle to deal with a coming war, his self destructive tendencies, and the mysterious pseudo-patriots of 50 Blessings. You’ll see new locations, new masked figures, but the same dark and disturbing themes straight out of the original Hotline Miami.

Each 30+ page issue is written by Federico Chemello and Maurizio Furini with art by Alberto Massaggia, Ludovica Ceregatti, Andrea Dotta and Andrea Errico. While the comics aren’t canon, Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital gave it their blessing, after Dayjob Studios did a fantastic job on the comic for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Fans can pre-purchase the entire series and save 25% off the cover price, so follow @HotlineMiami or Dayjob Studios on Facebook for more information as soon as it’s released.