VooFoo Studios has released Mantis Burn Racing launching on Steam Early Access and will bring the game to current-gen consoles later this year. The game is priced at £9.99, $12.99 and €12.99, with a special introductory offer giving an additional 20% off during launch week.

Mantis Burn Racing is a top-down racing, which combines fast-paced, bumper-to-bumper racing with intuitive, tactile gameplay. It also features stunning visuals and fully-upgradable vehicles playable and has single player, 4 player local split screen and eight player online multiplayer.


We’re delighted to be bringing Mantis Burn Racing to PC and consoles,” said Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios. “The pedigree of our studio and our success has allowed us to create a game we believe will be one of the best looking and most immersive in its genre. We’re really excited to welcome fans into Early Access to gain the feedback which will help us shape the game’s development.

Here’s a handy summary of the game’s features:

  • Comprehensive Career Mode
  • Bumper-to-Bumper Racing
  • Choose from a roster of fully customisable built-for-racing vehicles in 3 distinct categories, each with their own unique handling and performance traits
  • Race across stunning reversible tracks located in 2 distinct environments with incredible photo-realistic visuals for crystal clear high-octane racing.
  • Fine tune your vehicle’s appearance, handling and performance to your exact preference and creating a unique race experience for every player.
  • 4 player local split-screen racing with extensive online modes for up to 8 players allowing players worldwide to race together seamlessly.
  • Race to an original ambient-electro soundtrack composed especially for the game.
  • Regular content updates during Early Access with add-ons planned post full launch, including free and paid content packs.