SNK Playmore has released two new trailers highlighting new teams for the upcoming King Of Fighters XIV.

First off, a closer look at Team Mexico:

Ramon is an influential luchador (Mexican pro-wrestler) who has been called the “strongest human alive”, and is known for his always cheerful and frank personality. Although small for a fighter, he toys with his opponents by utilizing his agility and skilful throws.

Angel is a modified human of the secret organization NESTS. Her fighting style is called “Perfunctory” and uses a succession of complex attacks called “Unchained” that make for unrivalled power in close-combat. She has many unusual behaviours as well as an elusive personality.

King of Dinosaurs is a mysterious heel wrestler; a villainous fighter who wears a tyrannosaurus mask. While his true identity is unknown, King of Dinosaurs is capable of taking down seasoned martial artists with his powerful wrestling moves. Countless scars engraved upon his body also remain a mystery.


Next, the spotlight is on Team South America which features Nelson, Zarina and Bandeiras Hattori.

Nelson lost an arm after a terrible accident, but has been able to quickly return to the ring thanks to a prosthetic based on the most advanced robotics technology. Now he fights in order to seize the world championship, while hoping every day his fiancée will awaken from a coma.

Zarina is a cheerful fighter full of smiles. Fond of samba dance, she uses her dancing skills to kick her opponents in rhythm. She fights hard to protect the nesting place of her toucan companion “Coco” whose species is facing the threat of extinction.

Banderas Hattori has been fascinated by ninjas since childhood and his hard work and training have allowed him to acquire amazing ninjutsu / ninpo skills. Banderas founded the “Brazilian Ninja Arts” Dojo, currently lacking students.

Additionally, it was revealed that Deep Silver will be bringing SNK Playmore’s highly anticipated fighter to Europe.

We are looking forward to adding the King of Fighters XIV to Deep Silver’s portfolio. Publishing the next instalment of such an iconic fighting series in Europe, the first time on PS4, supplements our roster of Deep Silver games nicely.” said Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media.

King of Fighters XIV features a massive roster of 50 fighters to use across the game’s various modes such as traditional 3-on-3 team battle or Party battles online.

KOF XIV launches exclusively on PS4 throughout Europe on 26th August 2016 for €59.99 / £49.99 digitally and at retail.