To celebrate the launch of Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 3 next Tuesday, ArenaNet has discounted Heart of Thorns. Right up to Wednesday, July 27, the Digital Deluxe edition of Heart of Thorns will be €37.99 (£29.99), while the standard version will be just €22.49 (£17.49).

Heart of Thorns is the expansion to the critically acclaimed Guild Wars 2 and will be required for players to experience Living World Season 3 content (the base game went play for free last year. New players can register here.


The Living World Season 3 will unlock episodic content for free to all players who log in while each episode is active, and will be available to players who did not log in during the episode for a small price in the gem store.

Players who have not bought Heart of Thorns can still unlock the content for free by logging in during the episode, but will not be able to experience that episode until they purchase Heart of Thorns.

The developer also released a new trailer announcing the launch of Episode 1 Out of the Shadows which can be seen above.