2K and Turtle Rock Studios revealed the start of a month-long “Shear Madness” event in Evolve Stage 2 which will bring five new updates over five weeks.

Starting today, players can expect content updates that will include three more Character Adaptations, three new Map Variants that shake-up the traditional Evolve experience, a brand new Co-op game mode, as well as community requested features and quality of life improvements. Additionally, the Shear Madness event kicks off with The Quantum Surge Update.

The Quantum Surge update includes:

  • A Try Before you Buy option where all hunters, monsters, skins and perks that you’d normally earn using Silver Keys are now unlocked in the game’s Training Mode.
  • Balance changes
  • A brand new series of Advanced Hunter tutorials
  • Some first steps towards improving widespread community issues on matchmaking and leavers

And here’s a quick overview of Quantum Caira’s abilities:

  • Proton Field: Deploys a zone that damages enemies over time. Multiple fields stack.
  • Regeneration Field: Deploys a Generyst zone that heals each nearby Hunter over time. Multiple Regeneration Fields stack.
  • Neutron Barrier: Applies a short damage-resistance buff to all nearby Hunters.
  • Generyst II Field: Heals hunters and damages monsters in the area for the duration of the effect.