Team Another World is running for the title of the King of Fighters! Nakoruru, Muimui and Love Heart team up in this PS4 exclusive

Nakoruru is an Ainu priestess who communicates with nature, and will later become a spirit of Earth. She sensed malice and hate in a crack in spacetime, and in order to prevent disaster, she travelled through time to the present day. Muimui, on the other hand, is a descendant of the Dragon Clan – in addition to her strict kung fu training, she gains extra powers from her dragon blood. She’s on a journey to find jewels that hold a strange power – quite a feat for an energetic and gluttonous girl!

Finally, we have Love Heart, captain of the Peace Sky Pirates, honouring her father’s dying wish in doing so. With extreme physical strength and fair judgement, she puts on a brave face and tries to hide her childish side.

If any European fans are attending Gamescom 2016, they’ll be able to play King of Fighters XIV at the Deep Silver booth in Hall 9.1 / Booth B011. With six gaming stations, twelve players can fight it out for victory!

King of Fighters XIV will release on August 28, 2016.