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The convenience that is offered by mobile games is their greatest asset. Gone are the days when you had to be plugged in to enjoy a video game. Now all you need is a decent mobile device and you are good to go.

Video game entertainment has now taken on a new life that is threatening the existence of its predecessor. Mobile gaming has adapted and evolved with the times from basic 2D hand held gaming consoles to being integrated into telecommunications devices. This has shifted their niche market from a market that mainly included gaming enthusiasts to a market that includes virtually everyone with a mobile device and a bit of free time.

It is this shift in potential markets that has led to the increase in the revenue that the industry gets. This year the revenue from games designed for mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphones is estimated to be more than 35% of the entire software industry. In fact, it is estimated that this year games for consoles are going to have the smallest piece of the action racking in just over 30% of the revenue from games. This figure is lower than that of games designed for Personal Computers. All this is happening despite the fact that mobile games are free to download. It is the in-app purchases that are really making the money for the mobile game developers.

Most of the best game developers now have a mobile games department that is at the centre of their company strategy. This trend has also caught on in the online gambling world. Visit Casino UK is a casino library where you can find all the gambling information you need. Games that were originally designed for PCs are being converted to mobile friendly formats. New online slots games are being designed to be compatible with the operating systems on most smartphones and tablets.

The forecasts seem to be indicating that we are headed into a future where mobile games are more important than console games. It looks like mobile is the future of gaming. Click here for online casino games.