Deep Silver and SNK have finally released King of Fighters XIV exclusively for PS4 in the UK. The game is currently available digitally and at retail for €59.99 / £49.99.

King Of Fighters brings 19 additional playable characters, meaning players can choose from 50 different fighters. Up-to six friends can now take the fight online in Party Battles, with the option for six extra players to spectate, all over the improved netcode.

The game also feautres a new EX special moves in the improved MAX Mode and the possibility to chain Super Special Moves together using the Climax Cancel, offer even more ways to unleash devastating combos.


The newly included Rush feature adds simplified combo inputs for novice fighters, making KOF XIV one of the most accessible titles in the franchise to date.

Additionally, SNK Playmore has announced that they will hold a KOF XIV World Championship. SNK will invite the top KOFXIV players from around the globe to find out the who is the number one KOFXIV player. The event is planned to be held in early 2017, with more details around the event to follow in the near future.