Come celebrate the first anniversary of Elder Scrolls Online’s first DLC, Imperial City, with extra rewards! The DLC first launched on August 31, 2015, and gave us a new PvE and PvP zone for players level ten and higher, including all six Imperial City Districts, and loads of new story content and side quests, plus two new group dungeons.

The celebration has already begun, and runs through to 15:00 BST on Tuesday, September 6. It includes:

  • 50% off the Imperial City DLC
  • Only during this event, the Imperial City Collectors Bundle will be added to the store, and comes with the Imperial City DLC, the Mind Shriven Horse and the Mind Shriven Skin (previously discontinued!), the Daedrat pet rat, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.
  • The Stonefire Scamp pet and Soul-Shriven Skin rewards from Molag Bal have an increased chance of dropping all week.
  • Tel Var Stones have an increased drop rate for the entire week.

Want more info? Check the website for all the details.