Firaxis Games has revealed their newest leader in the quest for total victory: the Athenian orator Pericles!

Pericles was an eminent statesman and general of the Athens army. After defending Athens against a Persian invasion in 478 BC, he led his city during a Golden Age of cultural and economic development. Athens became an empire and produced some of the world’s most influential cultural artifacts, such as the Parthenon, as well as a plethora of artists, philosophers, and physicians.

See the official video for more about Pericles and Greece’s features in Civilization 6:

Greece is a culture-focused civilization. Its acropolis gets higher culture adjacency bonuses for being next to districts, especially the city center, but must be built on a hill.

Greece gets an extra wild card slot no matter which government you choose, and Pericles’ Surrounded by Glory ability nets you a bonus to culture for every city-state you control.


Greece’s unique unit is the hoplite, which gets a bonus when other hoplites are adjacent. These civilian soldiers can effectively defend your territory from aggressive early civilizations as you work to build your culture.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 releases on October 21 for PC, Mac, and Linux.