It’s time for some more gaming accolades folks. The 34th Golden Joystick Awards are locked in for November 18 and voting has just opened for twenty-one award categories that can be voted on by you, the gaming public.


The Golden Joysticks this year will also take a leaf from what BAFTA have done for their Games Awards in the past. Tickets will be available for us gamers to join in on the action and watch the ceremony play out. You can grab these tickets on this website where you can get a seat in the balcony area for just £10 (plus £1.21 booking fee).

The whole list of nominees makes for quite the chunky list. Fortunately you can tab through your votes as you peruse each of the categories. The most nominated game in the list is Blizzard’s Overwatch, with nine nominations in the bag. Closely behind with eight nominations are Inside, No Man’s Sky and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The Witness then follows behind with seven nominations in total.

Voting is live on GamesRadar. Check it out and vote here!

One category caught my eye – the “Competitive Play of the Year” award. It appears to celebrate some impressive moves in various games at different professional scenes. Think double kills without using scopes on rifles and you’re on the right track. It’s a pretty cool way to shine the focus on eSports, but I do wonder if it’d be better to have something like “Player of the Year” akin to what the physical sports have out there.