Sparrow House Games have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Kickstarter project, Miyamori:

The Kickstarter opens up on October 26, and promotes Miyamori: a single-player, 2D action-adventure platformer based on Japanese folklore. A long time ago, a shrine was built to protect against evil spirits, guarded by two foxes, Izuna and Gedo. But when Gedo disappears, the energies are thrown out of balance, and strange things begin to happen.

Now Gedo hasn’t been the only one to disappear – a girl named Suzume has lost her brother, Toshiki, who vanished one night during the summer, while out catching fireflies. Whilst frantically searching for him, Suzume runs into Izuna, and they decide to search together. With a day/night cycle and a choice-dependant story, this looks like a fun one.


The creative director, Joshua Hurd, fell in love with the local folklore during a university exchange to Akita in Tōhoku, Northern Japan in 2013. Upon returning to Canada, he teamed up with artists Lachlan Cartland and Kevin Hong, and began working on Miyamori, trying to emulate the feeling of wonder from when he hiked through the Akita countryside. That’s not the only inspiration, though – he’s also been influenced by the Tales of Tono and the works of Miyazawa Kenji.

I’m the kind of person that likes to get to know a place slowly and in detail. I wanted to take all those stories and ideas I had gathered, and make something that people will have fun playing,” he explained.

The game is due out for PC and Mac in early 2017, and will come to Kickstarter this October.