It’s that time of the year again! And no, I don’t mean Christmas music, but it’s Call of Duty season as Activision released Call of Duty Infinite Warfare to the masses. This year’s iteration features a bold, new direction by exploring the weight of leadership in an emotional, character-driven narrative. Those who purchased Legacy and Digital Deluxe Editions also received a remastered version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

In a first for the franchise, Infinite Warfare introduces an all-new story happening throughout our solar system, delivering gameplay innovations, such as space dog-fighting and zero-g combat, as well as seamless transitions from experience-to-experience keeping players constantly immersed in the action.

Infinite Warfare is hands-down the best story campaign we’ve had in years and is a leap forward in the fluid, fast-paced action that Call of Duty fans know and love,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision. “It’s a future war but an old school fight. And with a great multiplayer and an over-the-top zombies mode as well, we can’t wait for our fans to start playing. The only question, is which mode are you going to play first?

Infinite Warfare brings a bevvy of new content with three unique modes of play:

  • An epic single-player story campaign that puts narrative front and center as players are taken on a classic journey with unforgettable characters
  • An all-new, 4-player cooperative zombies mode called Zombies in Spaceland that takes players on a wild ride into a 1980’s amusement park
  • A deep and rewarding multiplayer mode with robust customization options to suit different play styles, including an all-new weapons crafting system, full eSports integration and much more


This is a special year for us and for the Call of Duty community,” said Dave Stohl, Studio Head of Infinity Ward. “We began three years ago with the goal to push ourselves in an all-new direction and take players to places they’ve never been before. In Infinite Warfare, we’re telling a classic war story of good vs. evil, and adding an epic backdrop that lets us introduce a ton of innovative gameplay. Our cooperative mode goes in a completely different direction that combines 1980s inspiration with a crazy, new zombie apocalypse. And, our online multiplayer takes everything that makes Call of Duty multiplayer so engaging, adds exciting Combat Rigs with their unique payloads and traits, introduces the challenge of Mission Teams, as well as the chase of prototype weapons, and then delivers a whole new level of gameplay customisation that gives gamers all the tools to fit their unique playstyle.

In the campaign, fans play as Captain Reyes, a Tier 1 Special Operations soldier who takes the helm of the Retribution, one of Earth’s last remaining warships. Facing a ruthless insurgency led by Admiral Salen Kotch, portrayed by Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), and including the likes of MMA superstar Conor McGregor as Captain Bradley Fillion, Reyes must defend his home against this relentless enemy force. Along with the military, grounded combat that is hallmark to the series, the game allows players to pilot their own advanced jet fighter vehicle, known as the Jackal, in free-flying aerial battles both on Earth and in space.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with the talented teams at Activision and Infinity Ward to ensure PlayStation continues to be the best place to play Call of Duty. We saw an incredible response to Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer beta last month, not to mention our 30-day early campaign access for Modern Warfare Remastered,” said Phil Rosenberg, SVP of Global Partner Development and Relations, Sony Interactive Entertainment America. “Today is the day PlayStation fans have been eagerly waiting for: Infinite Warfare, the return of a classic with Modern Warfare Remastered and the all-new PlayStation VR experience with Jackal Assault.

The multiplayer mode also introduces more ways than ever to earn rewards and upgrade weapons. For the first time in the franchise, the game features an all-new crafting system that allows fans to use Salvage, an in-game currency earned during play, to create Prototype weapons that come with special cosmetic and functional benefits called “Gun Perks.” Additionally, players can level up and acquire specific weapons through Mission Teams. Fans can join four distinct Mission Teams, each with its own personality, challenges and team commander, to earn exclusive rewards unique to that team.

Additionally, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare debuts an all-new cooperative mode called Zombies in Spaceland. The mode transports players into an original, action-packed storyline where they’ll fight as one of four classic ‘80s archetypes to battle the living dead in a space-themed amusement park full of deadly zombies, fun attractions and much more. The mode can be played solo or with up to three other players, and is easy for new fans to jump in right away.

And as with any Call of Duty games, there’s a also a Season pass which can be purchased separately or as part of the Legacy Pro and Digital Deluxe editions of the game. The Season Pass gives discounted access to four DLC Map Packs to be released throughout 2017 that take innovative multiplayer mechanics to a variety of all-new, sensational environments.

The DLC Map Packs will be available first for PS4 players and availability and release dates may vary by platform. Season Pass owners will also get four new terrifying zombie adventures featuring quirky environments and fearsome enemies. And as a special offer, Season Pass owners will receive 10 Rare Supply Drops and 1,000 bonus Salvage that fans can use to craft new Prototype weapons in multiplayer.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare:

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