Firstly, tonight there will be a livestream by Atlus. The stream will commence at 8pm tonight (So right now!) and will be held here over at their Twitch Channel.

Today weve got an educational video that shows aspiring troublemakers how to live a normal honest school life during the day. Its important to look like a regular high-schooler during the day to avoid the always watchful eye of authority figures. Activities like going to school, hanging out with friends, working a part-time job, eating food, working out at the gym, and more are essential to keeping up the faade of being a boring law-abiding citizen. Partaking in these normal activities also helps build skill points for five social stats (guts, knowledge, charm, kindness, and proficiency). Oh, and its also important to build relationships with Confidants such as your party members and various shopkeepers around Tokyo. Doing so will unlock special skill bonuses, useful services, and more!

Persona 5 has been unfortunately delayed to April 5th 2017, but will feature dual audio.