Perfect for when you wanna colour your hordes blue and your alliances red!

Blizzard today announced that they’ve set up Blizzard Publishing, a unit focussed on the masses of lore kept within the WarCraft/StarCraft/Diablo books of old, whilst also letting loose some new books to feast your reading eyes on.

On the subject of lore, the following books are the first to be reprinted by the new label:

Blizzard Legends

  • Warcraft: The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb
  • Warcraft: Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden
  • World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden

Blizzard Manga

  • Warcraft Legends: Volume One, with stories by Richard A. Knaak, Dan Jolley, and Jae-Hwan Kim
  • Warcraft Legends: Volume Two, with stories by Richard A. Knaak, Dan Jolley, and Aaron Sparrow

There’s also a shiny new book that’s just been unleashed onto the Blizzard Gear store and other stores.


The World of WarCraft Colouring book features over 80 pieces of artwork from across Azeroth and will set you back £8.99 / $12.95 and is currently up for pre-order. Amazon UK’s release date for the book is December 29.

Following on from this initial release, there are plans to release coffee table art books that focus on Hearthstone and StarCraft as well as further manga releases and other novels.