The second expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division has been announced by Ubisoft today: Survival, now available on the PS4.

This expansion is available with the Season Pass, but you can buy it separately for £12/€15. There’s also PS4 Pro support, taking advantage of its faster CPU/GPU to render at a consistently higher framerate.

As New York is hit by a devastating snowstorm, The Division’s agents hear rumours of a potential cure located in the Dark Zone that could help stem the spread of the pandemic. But their helicopter is brought down by the extreme weather before reaching its destination. You’ll need to search for the cure in the middle of a snowstorm, finding warm clothes, food, water, medicine, and crafting supplies along the way. The fight for resources and the cure will be fierce, as there will be 23 other players battling it out alongside you. Players will also face the Hunter, a new enemy that is faster, dangerously well prepared, and perfectly equipped to fight.

You’ll be able to choose to enable either PvP or PvE; in PvP, while the Rogue mechanic does not apply, agents can fight against or cooperate with other players in every corner of New York, even outside of the Dark Zone. As PvP comes with additional risks, it also comes with additional rewards, in the form of a bonus multipliers.

In PvE, however, you’ll be able to cooperate with other players, and PvP is disabled, even in the Dark Zone.

Have fun and get hunting!