Activision are bringing Skylanders to a whole new iteration of players when it comes to the Nintendo Switch this March, with new characters and expansions to come.

First up – no portal? No problem. You’ll now have a massive digital library with the ability to load/store 300+ digital toys directly to your home system. So if you’re out and about, your Skylanders go with you, too.

“Since Skylanders Imaginators and SkylandersTM Creator launched, fans have made more than 25 million Imaginators using the expansive creation tools in the game and app. We couldn’t be more excited to extend that experience to Nintendo Switch players,” said Paul Reiche, co-founder and studio head, Toys for Bob. “We’ve seen some amazing Skylanders created, and as kids’ collections continue to grow, we’re proud to offer more depth and variety to fans in ways never before possible with this new system.”

“Skylanders Imaginators has ignited the imaginations of fans everywhere, and we’re looking forward to continuing to support their gameplay experiences with Nintendo Switch, along with new toys and content coming this year,” said Josh Taub, senior vice president of Skylanders Product Management, Activision. “There are now more than 300 million Skylanders toys in the hands of fans², which equates to nearly two toys sold every second since Skylanders® Spyro’s Adventure launched. And with the new season of the animated series SkylandersTM Academy slated for Netflix this fall, we are thrilled that fans can enjoy playing, watching and creating Skylanders no matter where they are.”

Skylanders Imaginators has got some tricks up its sleeve this year, too, with the the upcoming release of the Cursed Tiki Temple level pack. The Cursed Tiki Temple level pack takes kids on an all-new adventure as they unlock more than a hundred new offerings for their Skylanders Imaginators, which is a record amount for the series so far.

There’s a whole lot of choice in this edition of Skylanders: appearance, powers, abilities, names, catchphrases, musical themes and much more can all be customised to create the most unique Skylanders characters you can think of.

This spring, be on the lookout for new heroes, including Skylanders Sensei Grave Clobber. Once a great pharaoh who ruled the Golden Desert long ago, Grave Clobber was buried by his seven jealous brothers in an underwater tomb while he was sleeping. He eventually rose from his watery grave, clobbered each of his brothers and became the perfect choice to be a Sensei trainer for the Brawler Class. This mummy may surprise you with his range of powers, packing a serious punch as well as telekinetic powers!

The Cursed Tiki Temple level pack and new Skylanders Senseis will support all major gaming platforms: Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Skylanders Creators is a free Android/iOS app you can download from the respective stores. Skylanders Academy, the new animated comedy-adventure show inspired by the Skylanders franchise, debuted on Netflix on 28th October, 2016. Debuting in 190 countries, the sequel is slated for late 2017.