Dontnod Eleven has announced a closed beta for their competitive 2.5D multiplayer shooter, Battlecrew Space Pirates. The beta is set to begin this Thursday, January 19 at 11: 00 am (EST), and run through Sunday, January 22 at 11:00 am (EST). The developer is hosting a test for players in North America and Western Europe. The closed beta test will introduce new gameplay updates as well as additional improvements based on consumer feedback from previous tests. Players can sign up right here.

Following the end of the closed beta, the Dontnod Eleven team will work to implement changes based on player feedback ahead of the Early Access launch at the end of January 2017.

The game takes place in an original and iconic Space Pirates universe, where players can control charismatic heroes, each having their own unique characteristics and skills.

The closed beta will feature 5 different maps through 2 competitive multiplayer modes. Players will be able to work together as a team in 4 vs 4 Gold Rush or compete for glory in the 2 vs 2 Team Deathmatch. In Gold Rush, the player and his team must collect as much gold as possible to win while battling against the opposite team. In Team Deathmatch, players must vaporize as many of the enemy pirates as they can to claim victory. Exclusively during the beta, players will also be able to try out the 2 vs 2 Team Deathmatch mode.

The biggest new feature being introduced during the closed beta is the ability to create squads. Gamers can now invite their friends to create their own team of space pirates and raid the worlds with friends.

On the technical side of things, the closed beta will allow the developers to test and optimized the client to improve the framerate, especially on low end machines. The developers will also keep close watch on the game statistics so they can improve the matchmaking algorithm to create the most balanced and competitive sessions possible.

Battlecrew Space Pirates is scheduled to launch on Steam Early Access sometime this month.