Deep Silver is delighted to announce preorders are now available for Puyo Puyo Tetris in Europe. The frenzy puzzle mashup will hit the stores in spring 2017. The PlayStation 4 retail version comes at a price of €29.99/£24.99 and the Nintendo Switch version at retail and digital €39.99/£34.99.

Tetris, one of the largest selling and recognized brands in gaming history collides with SEGA’s Puyo Puyo to create a fun-to-play, fast –paced, competitive party game experience. The game offers tons of gameplay styles – from single-player Adventure and Challenge modes to ferocious competition with up-to-four player Arcade modes, for tons of Tetris/Puyo variety.

Meanwhile, I grabbed it during a trip to Japan because I didn’t think it was going to be localised…

Future updates for Puyo Puyo Tetris will be on the game’s official page