The first round of the PES League has come to an end and the 16 best players of the league have been invited to play at Barcelona’s Nou Camp stadium.

The players were chosen after a gruelling run of online matches across Europe. The contestant will now face off against one another on February 11 in Barcelona to determine the semi-final ties. The finalists will play in Cardiff, alongside the UEFA Champions League final, for a chance to win £200,000.

The last 16 sees players from the UK and Ireland, Turkey, Germany, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece, and other European countries competing against one another.

these are the player who have made it through to the European regional last 16

Jonas Lygaard, senior director of brand and business development for Konami, took the opportunity to praise the contestants of the last 16, saying that the “standards of this year’s official PES League is proving incredibly high, and the skill of those that have made it this far is breath-taking”,

If you don’t reside in Europe but think you’ve got the steel to compete among the best PES has to offer then you’re in luck! The second season of the PES League Road to Cardiff will be open from February 23rd to March 23rd as four player from the Americas, two from Asia, and only one player who will represent the rest of the world battle it out for a place in the Cardiff final. You can find out more information about the contest here.

Konami have also teased the reveal of ‘one special challenger’ who will enter the competition at a later stage.

Good luck to those who have already reached the last 16 and good luck to those of you who plan to compete in season two!